The accident report stickers

Already 5 million+ in use

Complete an accident report form

It’s never a fun thing to do but it’s important to record all the car and insurance data on the form in the event of a crash.


Car and insurance data

Getting all your information together can be very difficult in the stressful few minutes after an accident or incident.


Filling in the forms by hand

Small boxes on cramped forms are not easy to complete legibly by hand

Talking to the other people involved in an incident can be difficult

Trying to make sure that all parties communicate well during an incident is crucial to making a smooth claim

With CrashStickers®

Your client has everything under control and you do as well.

Time saving

All your client’s personal information is pre-printed on the stickers

Less stress

Manage the insurance claim faster and easier so there’s less to worry about as filling in claims forms is faster and more accurate.

Easy claims management

Claim forms are clearer so therefore quicker and easier to process

CrashStickers make claims easier for the good Insurer

and easier to complete for unlucky drivers

CrashStickers are a powerful marketing tool…

That supports your clients when they need you the most.

Communication      Sales & Marketing      Claim Management

A universal product

Useful at every stage of your commercial / customer relationship

Sales assets/advantage

Your clients will be super-impressed with how CrashStickers® make them feel confident and ready for claims situations…all because you gave them an easy to way to deal with a stressful situation.

A great marketing tool

Take care of your clients. CrashStickers® are an ideal way to let your clients know all about all your services.

Increase claims management efficiency

Clients need to contact you less. Accident forms are far more legible which makes a huge improvement for the accuracy of OCR reading systems.

5 million+ CrashStickers in use

What do our customers say about us?

Nowadays CrashStickers® is part of our marketing strategy, our customers use it every time a crash happen, it’s now a needed service, certainly for our B2B customers who have many cars to deal with, they are sure that every accident report will be filled in properly.

Frederic Keppers

Insurance Broker D.K. Conseils

Contact is to provide CrashStickers® to your customers